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Nursery Accent Wall

A new addition to the family calls for some serious preparation and new look. A fun accent wall can change the whole space.

We understand the stress of bringing in a new addition to the family. With that being said designing a nursery should be a fun and exciting process. It can also be overwhelming at times which is why we're here to help make that transformation easier.

Something that’s important to consider is lighting. You'll want to have enough light for changing diapers and feeding, but you'll also want to have the option for darker lighting for bedtime. Overall it needs be the look and feel that’s right for you and your baby.

This client had a chosen theme and colour scheme which made making their vision come to life effortless. Something as simple as adding this stunning deep blue accent wall, tied everything together for this modern and cozy nursery. Providing enough natural light during the day with the off-white walls paired with the darker accent wall along side the crib for better sleeping.

Could not be more happy with how this turned out, this little man could not be more lucky!


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