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Muskoka Interior

This beautiful summer cottage was in need of a touch of colour to expand on the space and bring in more light.

This client wanted to upgrade their summer home by adding paint and solid wood stain. Every surface of this home from top to bottom was the natural wood you see here, including shelves and cupboards.

Some of the wooden boards in the cottage had been replaced which also caused inconsistencies with the original wood. In order to make it cohesive we painted the walls this soft white, which helped also open up the space more.

The kitchen cupboards and the living room bookshelf were painted a pale grey colour to still allow more light to reflect and provide the cupboards and shelving with a fresh new look.

The support beams we're coated with a dark brown solid stain which gave the home so much contrast and dimension between the warm natural flooring, and bright colour of the walls and shelves.

What a transformation, and absolutely stunning during the fall with large windows overlooking the lake and forestry.


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